Enhance, Expand and Future-Proof Your FILTEC Fill Level Investment

Transform and Future-Proof Your Existing Legacy Fill Level Station with INTELLECT

Transform your Existing Legacy Fill Level Investment to Include Quantitative Analysis and Vision Inspection Modules

If your business currently owns a FILTEC 3-G or 3-XR Fill Level Inspection system for botting or canning lines, you can increase the return-on-investment and plan for the future with FILTEC INTELLECT.

INTELLECT is a smart inspection platform that makes it easy to:

  • View inspection results in a large screen display
  • Add quantitative analysis to pinpoint poorly performing line equipment
  • Add Vision inspection capabilities, including Closure, Label, Pressure, and Filler Management inspection, from a single point on your line

Instead of investing in disparate solutions that weren’t built to work together, FILTEC INTELLECT was designed with scalability and connectivity in mind. By transforming your existing FILTEC investment with INTELLECT, you will:

  • Enhance your FILTEC 3-G or 3-XR with an operator station that provides guided change over, event logs, and the ability to easily and quickly view inspection results from a large, interactive touch-screen display.
  • Expand your inspection capabilities by adding Vision inspection modules for closure, labels, pressure, and fill level management (with quantitative analysis). Modules can be added based on the placement of the 3-XR or 3-G on your line.
  • Future-Proof your production line with a solution that is designed to scale with your growth and the ability to add modules over time as needed.

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